Tips on Using Grow Lights

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April 4, 2017
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April 4, 2017
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Tips on Using Grow Lights

Top Tips on Using Grow Lights Boston Indoor Gardeners Love

Thinking about starting an indoor garden? You may be overwhelmed by the selection of grow lights Boston indoor gardeners have to choose from. Check out these top tips and choose the best grow lights for your new indoor garden.

Tip # 1 – Understand the Life of your Plant

Light requirements change as a plant grows, meaning your indoor garden needs to be adaptable. Blue spectrum lights are vital in the initial growth stage, while lights in the red spectrum boost the flowering and fruit development stage. The grow lights Boston indoor gardeners have the most success with generally cover both spectrum’s. Metal Halide HID lights and cool fluorescent lights cast light on the blue spectrum while High Pressure Sodium HPS, and warm fluorescent lights cast more on the red.

Tip # 2 – Consider LED

LEDs have provided a new style of grow lights Boston gardeners can recommend. Not only are LEDs more efficient, but they are also adjustable and allow gardeners to tweak and customize their grow lights at every stage of plant development. LED systems do cost more up front, but offer a greater range of adaptability than standard systems.

Please call the experts here at Boston Gardener for all your indoor growing / gardening questions. We are experienced pros when it comes to hydroponics or soil indoor gardens.

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