Three Essential Qualities of Organic Soil

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April 4, 2017
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April 4, 2017
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Three Essential Qualities of Organic Soil

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Qualities of Organic Soil The Boston Gardener Recommends

Whether you use an indoor garden or conventional outdoor plots, having organic soil is key to a thriving crop. Good organic garden soil offers three vital qualities, including:


Your plants require food to grow, and organic soil nutrients deliver. For gardeners that prefer to mix their own organic soil Boston, including a phosphate fertilizer is a good plan. Bat guano is a longtime favorite of growers around the world. Seafood fertilizer is another ingredient that provides a good source of nutrients. Be sure your soil is PH balanced from the start, and monitor that balance throughout plant development.


Opt for slow-release fertilizers or institute a regular schedule of additives. Some products come with minerals that release over time to enhance the soil, while others need to be topped up with compost tea or your preferred method of fertilization.

Moisture Retention

Although some indoor gardeners avoid water retention additives, organic soils must include this feature. Mix in some sand to lighten the soil, and add perlite or other absorbent organic materials, such as coco fiber and worm castings.
With these three essential qualities you can create an organic soil the we Boston gardeners, and their plants, will love.

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