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Welcome to Boston Gardener

The Boston Gardener is Boston's first complete hydroponic supplies and organic gardening supply center. We carry grow lights and the biggest and best selection of gardening equipment in the Boston area. Soil, fertilizer, hydroponic supplies, HID lighting and everything you need for your home, greenhouse or urban farm is available at The Boston Gardener.

Whether you are a professional hydroponics gardener or indoor gardening hobbyist, Boston Gardener offers unique hydroponics supplies to successfully help you grow bigger, better and more productive plants. What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics is simply growing plants in something other than soil and supplying all of the nutrition the plants need through the nutrient solution. Most growers utilize hydroponics indoors by creating an environment optimal for plant growth. Having the right combination of light, temperature, water, CO2, oxygen, pH and nutrients is essential and Boston Gardener's superior selection of hydroponics supplies and grow lights can help you achieve maximum results.

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